Pharquest: Caddell & The Rebel Flag

Annie Chambers Caddell is a citizen of South Carolina's historically black dominated town called Brownsville. She moved there in 2010 with props of Patriotic spirit and Confederate pride. American eagles, jack-0-lanterns, and her most acknowledged piece - The Confederate Flag.

Since her move to Brownsville, many of her black neighbors have protested on her yard and created petitions to bannish the controversial flying fabric from their town. After a court case, the judge rejected the petition and that it was legally and morally harmless for her to wave her flag of tradition. The court case also accepted that her neighbors had the right to build a fence in order to avoid her "offensive" scenery. And that they did - an 8-foot-high wooden fence!

But that didn't stop Caddell... eventually she planted a large pole on her yard (seen in the image above) toppling over the fences and causing even more attraction to her residence."People driving by here because of the privacy fences, they tend to slow down," states Caddell. "If the objective was to block my house from view, they didn't succeed very well."

In 2011, the battle still continues. Protesters of black and white fighting towards or against the pride of Confederacy. Which leads me to my personal observation...

At first, when I stumbled upon this article via Yahoo, photos of the flag and Annie just showed me how ignorant I really am. I looked at her in disgust, wondering why she would move to a black neighborhood and show off her family tradition as if it were for intentional offense. But after watching the video, I had to give her a bit of respect. Her intent was not to offend anyone, abuse anyone, or cause conflict. She claims to not be a racist, and that she is against spreading hate. "I have not disrespected my neighbors in any manner to my knowledge. What they choose to be upset about is their choice. I don't tell you what to pick your battles over."

So if she's not abusing anyone or being disrespectful, why make such a big issue over a flag to the point where you bring it to COURT? I live in Georgia, the pit of slavery and cotton pickin' - I see confederate flags the deeper I travel down I-75 South. It scares me sometimes, but if you don't like it - don't associate yourself with it. You can't stop racism, you can't change people's mentalities, a belief is a belief that only that person can change. My neighborhood is full of drug-dealers, sex offenders, and criminals... I don't see anybody rioting over that! So to make all this fuss over a flag is indeed a ridiculous motive. And I am ashamed of myself to be a victim of such ignorance and skepticism. It is indeed a stereotype to claim anyone who has a confederate flag a racist. But regardless, I would like to know what you think? Hit up that comment box below and throw in your two cents.

(Extra note) Let me add before people get my point of view taken the wrong way. I am in no shape or form supporting Confederacy. I am only agreeing with the morality that one can believe in whatever they want - so long as they're not harming, abusing, or offending others. if she truly isn't, then let her show her stupid flag. But if she's purposely abusing her rights, then that's a self-contradiction and makes her a hypocrite.

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