I'm on a MISSION...

To get a car[and get my license too for that matter]. At first I wanted a car for obvious reason...to have my own ride. But now it has a deeper more important reason. If I get a car would then I the freedom to travel to Georgia to see this very special, great creation from God I have fallen fall for. I meet this guy on Tumblr. The way I felt in the pas is that it is lame to fall in love with someone over the internet, but now I am not so sure of that. But it's like he is NOT just a guy from the internet. I imagine him as a guy who I have known in my actual life but we've had distance come in-between us, now our only connection is the internet, kinda[he has my cell # :)] We talked a little on Tumblr, migrated to Skype. From there we had a connection that was conceived ever so quickly. No BULLSHIT, I'm serious. We have so much in common, nobody is perfect, but dammit he seems perfect for me. He is smart, cute, good heart, a good head on his shoulders, with the love I've had such want for. His voice is soft and sweet. It's been two months since we first made our connection and it's steady growing. I been wishing, hoping, and even praying for somebody to love and loves me. And he was brought to me by way of some fucking site?! PLEASE let me SEE HIM, I have to! If fate is not planning for us to then this is CRUEL punishment! This is why I NEED my own car so I can take this "fate" upon my DAMN self and go see my MAN[=)]


  1. GO FOR IT! You are suppose to do what you are suppose to do.

  2. if only I had a way to get there though, I would


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