Blood Is Thicker Than Water

What do you when you see someone you look UP to going on a downward spiral in life. Someone you idolize going through tribulations you can't help them with?

My older brother's marriage is falling apart right before my eyes. Before you think "Oh what is he doing wrong?" just because he's the GUY...it's really HER. My sister in law that I have always liked. *Shaking my head*

Now this is where I put the "don't go judging" disclaimer, but it actuality I AM judging her. No my bro has done some wrongs...at least all the wrongs he has TOLD me. But from what I know, he stood and admitted his wrong as a man and as a marriage couple they supposedly "worked it out." But HER deceitfulness is on a whole another and from what I know my brother has never went to such extent as she. 

Now before you think I being bias towards my brother, that is not it. He knows that if he wrongs I WILL tell him as I have in the past. 

I believe, if my memory serves my correctly, that they got married in 2009, was still in high school but was graduating that year. I remember because I came to school hung over from the bachelor party...[yes, it was underage drinking...what YOU gonna DO ABOUT IT?! lol] So married in '09, my brother has been looking through phone records and the locations of the calls...shit ISN'T matching up to where she "SAY" she was at and what she "SAY" she was doing. And apparently the same *unknown* number been coming up since  fucking 2011. A number that SHE IS associated with, but doesn't want her husband to know. WHY IS THAT? Hmmmm.  Now this guy is who my brother is sure is guy that works with her...this guy is apparently just a "get back at chu" guy. You know what that is? He was used for revenge because SHE claims believes that HE was with a women in New Orleans back in 2011. And she STILL believes that. But guess what, HE WASN'T! Want to know I how I know...cause HE, and MY COUSIN came down Baton Rouge to hang with ME when I was in school and we hang out in New Orleans. 

Now they say that the main person suspicious and suspects cheating and falsely accusing is the EXACT one that is cheating.  

And plus that she has ADMITTED to giving her attention to ANOTHER guy  and exchanged SEXUAL phone texts messages with him. She states that she is no more talking to him and THAT is as far as it went. As if it was even OKAY that you sexually flirted with another guy rather it was physical or not.  For MONTHS she has deleted texts, LOCKED her phone, gotten PRIVATE apps and stored his texts THERE. 

Now I only know what is going on from my brother and the awkward night where I, my mom and dad were at their home and they were arguing...won't get in to that, but sounds dysfunctional, right? 

My brother doesn't want me to treat her differently because, "everyone makes mistakes" yea, right mistake aren't continual. But never the less...I will do as he say. I won't TREAT her different, but I FEEL different about her. Yes I love and care for her as apart of my family, BUT at the end of the day...you start hurting my brother, you are not on my good list. BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER. 

The worst part of that my NIECES in the mix of all this. That's the WORST part. This is why I don't have ANY once of respect for cheaters especially when you have a FAMILY. Because if you are cheating on your SPOUSE then you are cheating on those CHILDREN. If you are abusing your spouse then you are abusing those CHILDREN. Every thing you are doing to your spouse WILL affect those children. 

*sighs* well enough airing out dirty laundry....gladly no ones in my family knows about my shit or I would be fucked, lol. 

[apologize for any errors but I honestly don't have any care to make sure this drama filled of an entry is grammatically correct ]

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