Guess Who Had The BEST Week Ever!! !!

It's been TWO years we've been together. Our love is stronger than ever, we talk every day...falling deeper in love with each day. Yet only psychically touched flesh to flesh briefly. Stress in the highest levels because of our inability to see each other  being from different states, conflicting schedules with work and  other crazy obstacles keeping us from each other. Because of the boyfriend's family crisis with his sister and brother in law. he made an emergency travel down to Florida from Atlanta. After the dust settle there it was like God set everything else in place. 

Upon leaving Florida was it a "coincidence" that his brother in law's mother lives in Baton Rouge and asked to drop her off on the way. Everything is too much of a "coincidence" for me not to believe that God wasn't watching out for us. Everything to HOW we met and even back to BEFORE we met. It seems like aspect of our lives since before we even met was leading up to our relationship...just like how everything lead to us FINALLY able to Officially spend quality time with each other. 

Although pain lead up to this, his brother in law was rushed to the hospital, he was left to console a crying older sister. But he is better and BACK at home. The Lord does work in mysterious ways. 

He dropped her off in Baton Rouge, LA and headed to Shreveport, LA to be WITH ME! MY MAN EVEN PICKED ME UP FROM WORK! 

This was Tuesday night, April 23, 2013, he just left today.[sad face] I am blessed to that we were even able to have that time together. We got an hotel..kiss, kiss, and kissed. Laughs, smiled, hugged, and cuddled. And MADE LOVE!

We are BOTH officially NOT virgins anymore and MAN let me tell you, his dick was Sooooo fucking good. To finally have it inside me was the MOST mountain moving ever in my life. Never felt that much pleasure in my fucking life. YES, he fucked me and fucked me GOOD. Gave it to me like he knew I wanted.

Last night, we cried in each other's arms. It's no telling when we will have that time to spend together again.  

The hardest thing was watching him pull off from my driveway on his way back to his home in Atlanta, GA.  


  1. Hope you guys get to live and be with other in the same space soon.

  2. Oh God me too! Im confident that we will get there. Patience is a virtue.


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