The Honeymoon BEEN Over!

Isn't it funny when you wake up out of your bed and you immediately know that THAT day just isn't gonna be your day? Well  really isn't funny, buy you get the point. 

Today I got my yearly employee evaluation as many have as well. There were 4 levels: 

Now although I did not fail this evaluation. My overall rating was '3.' There were SOME things I hit '4' at, those were either things I KNEW I lacked [and don't care]  and the other was a LIE. I mean it not fair at all to "evaluate" on my whole work performance when you are NOT around me 24/7 when I AM doing my job and helping customers. 

Things that I already knew: dress code, upon the company switch OUT of uniform...we were then  required to wear athletic wear, which is more individual than uniforms. But of course policed rules comes with that. It cannot be a brand that the company does not sale, which I think is idiotic and immature. For the type of athletic gear that is required is NOT cheap Unless you ca find places where it is marked down or on clearance. I WILL NOT spend so much money on shit that I'm ONLY wearing to WORK in. It would be much simpler if it was still uniforms. Khakis and a green polo...shit like that could be ANY brand as long as it is KHAKIS and a GREEN POLO, period. Now it's like, "You can wear your own clothes now, but it has to be THIS and THAT way and BLAH, BLAH...."  I have athletic gear, some IS within the policy and some ISN'T, but if THAT is what I have left because THAT is what I have left because they other may be dirty and musty then THAT is what I am fucking wearing. 

The other thing I apparently lacked in is offering the customer some bullshit ass company credit card that you know in your HEART most customers DO NOT want. Quite frankly that is the CASHIERS fucking job. I DON'T have a fucking register in my department, why in the hell should I have to explain shit like that to them ESPECIALLY when they ARE gonna get to the register and get HOUNDED about the SAME fucking thing. I work in FOOTWEAR, my business is not having a sale pitch about a damn credit card. That will be annoying for the customers. I was NEVER and NEVER will be a fan of HOUNDED a customers. If that customer needs something I will help them with THAT, but I am not gonna try to "sale" them something that they DID NOT come there to get just so I can put more money in the COMPANY'S pocket that I WON'T see. 

The last one that caught my attention was the bold face LIE, that said I rated BELOW in asking the customers question to get a feel of their needs. Which is BULLSHIT because I do!

THE MAIN THING was the manager comments being that, "You don't have the same enthusiasm you once had you started working here. " Really? You putting THAT in my evaluation? Me "not having enthusiasm does NOT equal me not doing my job. I come in, NEVER late, NEVER call in sick into work [i.e. NEVER missed a day of work.] I come and WORK, my far as the "passion"? Leave that PETTY shit at the DOOR, because I DO my job. EXCUSE me for not having PASSION and  enthusiasm for a damn MINIMUM WAGE job where I barely getting paid anything and my hours CAN and has been CUT at any given moment. THE FUCK YOU THINK I AM!? Excuse ME if I am not a MANAGER who can put their feet up and STILL GET PAID because I'm on SALARY. EXCUSE ME if I am a burden to you because I happen to be one of those people who WILL NOT go above and beyond to work for STRAPS. I do my job, I ain't doing anymore than that! Mangers seem to forget that everyone else is on minimum wage. MONEY IS THE MOTIVATION!

You want me to PRETEND I "LOVE" my  MINIMUM wage, part time job with a company I've been working for about 4 years[will be 4 years THIS summer] and all the work and time I've already put in means NOTHING TO YOU PEOPLE. You want me to PRETEND to "LOVE" that, right? FUCK YOU!

I already put on this fake smile for the customers, but in reality I'm cringing inside. I already come into  work depressed everyday because being there reminds me of how much my LIFE ISN'T evolving AT ALL. 

Excuse me if I don't have that enthusiasm anymore, but the honeymoon has BEEN over. You DON'T pay enough for me to "LOVE" my job. 

Despite all that I pretty much did pretty good with evaluation and guess what...they ONLY raised my pay 24 CENTS, what is that...a PENNY shy away from a fucking QUARTER! I get paid 8.24 now, that is NOTHING considering I am still fighting for a CAR. I need to better job! FUCK ALL THAT, "If I work harder they will pay me more at my current job." I been working SO HARD all this fucking time and it was NEVER appreciated, so FUCK working HARD...I'mma just WORK. I will WORK HARD when I find a job that PAYS MORE.  

The honeymoon BEEN over...where have you been? 

[I'm done...I just needed to rant. I apologize if there are errors, being that I am still angered....will correct any errors later on]

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