The Feeling Inside

If I appear happy, I’m not, its called acting. I take note, I’m only mimicking what I see from others…happiness, but it is not of the emotion that I sincerely feel. I only laugh because it ceases tears, and I only smile because frowning so much, hurts. But can you not see the ever so true pain in my eyes? Or is it that you just don’t care. O’ how I would feel if someone could see pass my fake smiles and laughs, and would care enough to ask… how it feels “in there? [pointing to my heart]” How’s the weather in your soul? Then I would tell them in feels awful in here [pointing to my heart] and the weather of my soul is stormy. Then they would proceed to hold me and start the process of bring true happiness in my life. But it’s just a fantasy, it hasn’t happen to me…yet? Will there ever be someone that’ll make this terrible, horrible, and unbearable feeling inside…GO AWAY!!

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