My Review of web-series:Buppies

So I saw a preview of a web-series show called Buppies a longgg time ago, for obvious reasons I was immediately interested.Well it FINNALY made its debut. Its starring Tatyana Ali.What's its about? u ask, well I say find out ya Damn self(lol.) Besides non of THAT matters anyway, it has a gay plot to it("WoW!!!!" yea exactly what i said.) Two attractive men, a sexy dark chocolate(Preston Davis asEliot) & a sexy bright hottie(Damien Wigfall asTruth), have un-finished "business" as Truth appears to stir up trouble. Now if you are thinking something is wrong with me cuz I just want to watch cuz its kinda gay(lol)...then I'm gonna tell you its NOTHING wrong with it. Everybody wants to see that show, or movie, or read that book that has characters in it they can relate to, and feel connected to. But BESIDES all that that its actually enjoyable to watch, the characters are not just THERE, they all make it fun to watch. I can see it being successful on t.v with the RIGHT production company & on the RIGHT channel. I really want it to be on t.v. , because there just isn't much black gay characters on t.v. The only gay men-of-color characters I know of is Omar(from The Wire), Lafayette(from TrueBlood) and Taye Diggs when he was guest starring on Will&Grace.The BAD things about this is it posted on BET's website, and U KNOW how things are WITH THEM. Its posted every Tuesday at 3pm.The vids are ONLY like 2-3 FUCKING mintues, SERIOUSLY. So you have to wait a WHOLE WEEK for 3 mintues worth of ya life watching it. The ONLY vid that is longer then 4 mintues is Ep. 1. Buppies would be sure AS HELL better off being posted on YouTube.

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