Trading Places

I read a BGCLive thread post A LONGGG time ago, always thought it would a interesting thing to write a blog about, but I didn't have a blog then(lol.) The subject, the guy basically left his boifriend cuz he wanted to "trade places." I was thinking to myself, REALLLY...SERIOUSLY. How ignorant can you be to do such a thing? Is it really all that bad, I mean he ONLY suggested it right? Would YOU leave someone over it, rather it be cuz they suggested it or turned down your suggesting. Here's my take on it...I don't think it should be a big deal. So your boifriend wanna switch it around, but you don't want to, shouldn't be a big deal rightttt? Sure you can bring up the infamous saying," What YOU WONT DO, somebody ELSE WILL."

True, but where does it STOP, should I LOSE MY SENSE of SELF, STOP STANDING MY GROUND, and COMPLETELY be at YOUR MERCY like a FUCKING SEX SLAVE. I SHOUDN'T HAVE to do ANYthing for you out of fear that you MIGHT find somebody that will do what I won't do, and you SHOULDN'T let ANYBODY make you feel like you should. SURRRREEE it's sweet to SAY "I would DO ANYTHING for you," but when put in a certain situation you may realize YOU WON'T do anything for them. IS that a CRIME? Some people would turn this into a {if you DON'T want to do this then you DON'T love me.} Which is BULLSHYT!!!! Hell there are lots of couples out there who LOVE EACHOTHER TO DEATH but there STILL ARE things that ARE "out of the question" sexually. SURRREEE it's sweet to say to your lover, "I love YOU and I SEE NO ONE else." But fact-of-the-matter IS you CAN be in all the love in the world, but people DON'T magically became ugly to you, fact is there will be people who ARE attractive in your eyes. But that DON'T mean you don't love that person.

So no matter HOW MUCH you love someone, remember YOU ARE STILL allowed to say NO to certain things. If you STILL have standards of what you WON'T DO and WILL DO, then it's nothing wrong with that. Its also NOTHING wrong with spicing your sex life up "trading places" but if it AIN'T broke DON'T fix it. If your partner doesn't want to participate, then just be happy with the ALREADY great sex you two have together. Now someone people have no prob with switching it up, but someone people don't want a change, now sometimes that MAY be annoying, yes ,but it is what it is. There's wrong with trying it, but it also SHOULDN'T make you leave a person for not wanting to participate OR for even suggesting it. That tells me someone DIDN'T want to be in the relationship anyway. IF YOU ARE A 100% BOTTOM , or a 100% TOP and would want it NO OTHER WAY, there is NOTHING wrong with that. Its also nothing wrong with being a VERSATILE.


  1. It is all about knowing what you want from a relationship and each other...

  2. True, and TOO many get into a relationship WITHOUT knowing what exactly DO they want from eachother.

  3. LOL... the people on those BGC forums are such a joke


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