Baby, in your arms is home

Don’t ever leave me alone

They hatin’ on us

They sayin’ this is wrong

But we can make it through this

Like a hot comb

They doubt us

They say we won’t last…

Long, but I know you’re the one.

True love has…

No clone

What we have is…


Why is it a problem?

Did I stab them?

Did I beat them?

Did I rob them?

I always wonder…

I always wonder…Why?

But it’s always no time to ponder…

Before you look me in the eyes

And say…things

Things that always make me smile

You always speak to me

In a tone so softly

I could never doubt

You love me

Anytime I ever stupidly think you want out

You tell me

They won’t be the boss of me…

I’m staying with you

Through and through it all

I‘ll ALWAYS be there to catch you

…Before you fall.”

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