Always Knew iLOVED Mickey D's from some reason...

FUCKING BEAUTIFUL...if only father knew lol. Some of us here in the U.S. are wondering WHY we never seen THIS in the states...Well its because  the ad is just one in a series that aims to "recognise the diversity of McDonald's customers in France" (as explained by Australia's Brisbane Times) . We will not in a LONGGGGG time(who am I to say "never")  EVER see some thing like THAT in AMERICA it is SHAMEFUL. Hell it aired IN FRANCE and you got people HERE in an up roar...pathetic.


  1. You made a good point that I never thought. How is it that americans are in a uproar over a commercial that isn't even airing in this country. Its like lets fake rage so it doesn't come to the states

  2. Exactly, but thats the nature of Americans sometimes, lol...worrying about what sumbody else is doing and how it affects them when it really doesnt.


Thoughts? anyone?...