Response: The Look of Recognition

...So a convo about those "special" looks that let you know when you have found "family" was brought up in a post {courtesy of thegayte-keeper.} I shared my one and ONLY experience,lol,  with the "Look of Recognition,"... it was suggested that I blog about it, sooo....

It happen some day during the week, some months ago, maybe a Monday, maybe a "Hump Day." But I was @ the bus terminal on my way going back home from class(college student.) And their was this guy(duh!, it surely WASNT a girl) he caught my attention for 2 reasons: 1. he was Cute, 2. I  already KNEW he was gay...Wondering how?...Well he's out and I stumbled upon his myspace one day, he there made it known. I felt some kinda way(a good way though) because I never seen someone in person who I KNEW was gay...apart from the flamboyant ones who you can tell, but he is one of those ones who you cant tell his sexuality from just looking at him. He was cute on his myspace but seeing him in person ...WoW.

As he passed by me we noticed each other, But thats Not where the "look" came in. He went to put his bags down at a bench near by...and I was just inching to Really get a nice look at him, so I did. He caught me...then HE SMILED at ME(what WONDERFUL smile it was .) I of course looked away embarrassed, but he already KNEW what this was...it was the "Look" of Recognition. As only a few seconds passed by, he got up from the bench, passed by me...But NOT before discreetly saying to me, "Your cute" then walking away to aboard his bus. It was NOBODY that close around me for him to be talking to someone else, he was talking TO ME. To be publicly(but discreetly) complimented like THAT by a GUY  for the 1st time was INDESCRIBABLE. I already knew about him, so I realize he had apparently used his "Gaydar" on me & he from the "Look" I gave him, even THOUGH I didn't KNOW I was giving him the "Look" lol. I swear you COULD NOT wipe the smile off my face, I was blushing SOOO hard,lol. AND it had my heart beating fast for a lil while.

But as I said before, Unfortunately, this has been my 1st and only DL signal moment, so TECHNICALLY he's MY FIRST, lol. I hope there will be MANY  others and  hopefully I'll get Me a boyfriend out of it one day.




Thoughts? anyone?...