35 More Days...

Valentines day has been only 3 days ago. When I think of what I did last Valentines day...ironic. Last year, a month after February...in March I connected with Ismael, my boyfriend.  We have both agreed to make the 23rd of March our official anniversary day. It would be in 35 more days. When I think about all we went through in just a year from our computers and only meeting in the flesh once. When I think about this online gay fiction that I have been reading since my last year of high school. Yes it is a long, GREAT story. The 2 main characters, Chris and Ricardo...the lovers...have been through so much. From breaking up then on the verge of making up, then Chris moves away and just when the other was just about to move there as well, the other gets stabbed in the head, gets amnesia from it, but lives. 

He forgets of their love, but he has a connection with  the other...he just didn't know it was love, because his memory was gone. He got his memory back, not his complete memory, but just a part of it...the part that remembered the reason why he and Ricardo broke up in the first place...which lead to another barrier between them. Getting closer to the point. Somewhere down the line of it all Chris got HIV. Another barrier between them. NOW these 2 characters are ENGAGED and getting married. Despite everything they have gone through. So my point is even though this is just a gay fiction story, but it does NOT change the FACT the Love IS strong...and no matter what, if it's true love...there is NOTHING that can defeat it UNLESS you CHOOSE to give up. 

Me and my man, our situation is stressful, my boyfriend is going through things and I'm going through things. And all we can do is vent to each other on Skype, we can't physically hug each other, kiss each other...that's stressful. But we are still together, I am still with him. He has given me chances to leave, saying "I am causing you too much stress, you deserve better." Well I do have better...I have you. Do I like what you going through? No. Do I like that it makes me feel shit to know what you are going through? No. But WHY WOULD I NOT FEEL LIKE SHIT? So of course. I'm more bothered that I can't do anything about it physically. All I can do is listen to you vent. Is it stressful? I'm not going to lie and say it's not. But I am NOT going anywhere because our time will come. We have plans to live together, we are not able now in our life, but we are getting closer. TRUE LOVE always MAKES IT. 35 MORE DAYS...it will be a day of many more. 

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