Are you a "Fag hag"?

If you ARE...I got a message for you, I don’t like you, and I am annoyed with you. First off it IS cool if you want to be a friends with a gay guy because  he is COOL as hell as a friend and the two of you get along WELL and the two of you just have that connection that friends should have. BUT if you want a gay friend JUST so you can basically him as your gaydar and tell you what other guy is gay…and having “chick talks” with him. Unacceptable.  ME PERSONALLY just because I am gay does NOT mean I am interested in being 1 of your “girlfriends” and have girl talk. And our “friendship” WILL NOT be based on entertaining you with my GAYNESS…I understand as my female friend you WOULD want to know things about about my sexuality, but understand Everything SHOULDNT be centered around me being gay. 

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