"I Don't Like Labels"

I HAVE said this before, but I feel it should not only be said once. Why are we keeping up this “I don’t like labels” bullshit. Its only giving people excuses NOT be real with their selves. If you dont like Labels then I guess you are NOTHING. Are u not human? a male/female? Are you not black/white/asian/etc? Are u not [what ever ur age is?] I hate to break it to you but those ARE LABELS. WHY PEOPLE ONLY SAY THAT WHEN SEXUALITY COMES UP? Real talk only gay ppl say that “I don't like labels” thing 'cause subconsciously they are offended by the TRUTH…Why would someone str8 say they don’t like labels?…'cause they ain't ashamed of being str8….let's STOP the bullshit please. At least admit to truth 
to your self.  

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