Let's Talk About Parent/Child Relationships

Some parents LOVE their children, Yes...but do they RESPECT THEM? Love AND Respect your child, that means givin them PRIVACY when they deserve it. When you are all up in they biz...I mean in EVERYTHING...come in and out in their room w/o knocking, rudely awakening them from their sleep [specially if you know that got somewhere to be and need sleep then not feel bad when you tell them you felt shitty all day cuz they messed up your sleep]...Thats not RESPECT! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW IT FEELS TO FEEL YOU ARE NOT RESPECTED BY YOUR PARENTS? Do you WANT your child to feel that way. It comes a certain age that your child reaches that they deserve for you to BACK OFF a little. Unless they are that shitty of a child, but if not then....yea.
 THAT was from my personal Facebook status. I am FUCKING fed up with this society's or at least a Black Family's mentality that no how old your child is...NO MATTER if they are within age were you SHOULD give them more respect and more freedom...DON'T! STILL treat them like a child regardless, making them feel like shit that YOU as a parent don't give a FUCK about them enough to RESPECT them. Love and RESPECT are two different things, I know you love me...but you DON'T respect me. I am fucking tired of my feelings NOT MATTERING unless I helping with bills...THAT'S FUCKED UP. And that's how your children gonna grow up thinking that's how it suppose to be done. NO! Yes I AM going to move out and get my OWN one day, but I should be RESPECTED as the adult I AM while I am still living with you. A man could be praised and respect to the greatest level, but when he comes to his "HOME" and is not respected NON of that matters. Because he doesn't feel like he matters in his own home....THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE MY HOME! But I feel like I prisoner until I can leave and have my own, which I am no where near close to being able to do. And to treat me unfair and treat like a child and when I come to you about it like, "Well if you don't like it move out!" Which if I remember correctly when I first got my job 3 yrs I offered to help with bills. I was turned DOWN! <<<---This post has been in my drafts for a while because  I was going back and forth with myself asking, "What this be worth blogging about." This specific is too...OUT there, for me to go in depth with it...let's just say I'm sooo ready to get out of my parents house...mmm that's sad "my parent's house" BUT that IS suppose to be my home, but I don't like it is so. Whatever.....

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