The Flaws and Change

Of course, if it's ONE thing we know about the people of this world...it is that there are different types of people. Different types of people handle the flaws of their personality differently. Their are the ones that are really too stuck on themselves to admit their flaws...denial, there are ones that KNOW they have flaws but aren't too worried about changing, and then there are one that KNOW their flaws and try their BEST to correct them. Now which one sounds like progress to YOU? I have came to my own conclusion about those with flaws. To those that ignore them, or know of their problems, but wish not to change. Let me make an analogy...let's say a person is the most UGLY person in the world, but they never SEEN their OWN reflection, that person ISN'T the one that has to DEAL with SEEING that ugliness, but the people AROUND does. Being said THAT, some people WON'T be pressed to change the FLAWS of their personality, because sub-consciously  they feel they are not the one that has to DEAL with their shitty personality, so WHY change when they are not the one dealing with their problems first hand. I mean they are not being an ASSHOLE to themselves, but to those around them. If you are in denial...get OUT of it, we ALL have flaws. I'm working on MINES. If you KNOW you have flaws, but refuse to change...then WHAT progress are you making in life? I'll wait. Some people though...I feel sorry for their future, they won't realize it's time to change until they lose EVERYONE because they have finally push those who care away.  Because if you sit and think about it...NO ONE has the RIGHT to even BE so arrogant, some may have WAY too many problems for them to be so wrapped up in themselves. KNOW your flaws and try to DO SOMETHING about it...it's ALL a part of GROWING UP. If not, that's gonna be the FATAL FLAW that is going to leave you in LONELINESS.   

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