Pharquest: The Church of Delusion?

My mind and mouth is full of controversy, but I can't help but touch on this subject (since this is a gay blog [and I won't touch on this OFTEN]) so grasp on it while it lasts. I want to scratch the surface of gay marriages in churches that don't accept it. I, as a homosexual, don't have a problem with gay marriage (of course), but I do tend to twitch at this type of scenario: A gay couple, that is obviously against the belief of a church's disapproval of holy matrimony between the same gender, would want to get married at that same church.

Why? is what boggles my mind. I'm blogging about this because I don't really know how to perceive it. Is it an act of religious rebellion? a "rub it in your face" if you will... ??... Not much can be said since I can't point out exactly which couples are doing it, I just know that this is what's going on and has been a motivated force of the "NO H8" epidemic.

I know my opinion may very well be different from the average homosexual, but in my opinion (as it is) it's kind of a hypocrisy. You don't accept one church's belief, but you continue to shove your opposing belief down their throats. Which is what causes conflict. You can't deny that! It's like me convincing a racist that black people aren't just good for picking cotton. It's time wasted. Hundreds and possibly thousands of Christians are enraged by the fact that there are "Churches of Satanism" existing in today's world, but can't do anything about it because of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

I am a strong believer in respecting another's opinion and belief. No matter how ridiculous it is! You can't change people. But you can set an example. You don't have to agree, but you don't have to intimidate, ridicule, or disrespect a person regardless of what that belief/opinion may be. Be the bigger person. I've had this discussion with straight and gay friends, and each side has had different opinions.

Try to understand that a lot of these people that discriminate do it out of fear. Whenever a human is unaware of the logic behind something and doesn't understand it, they have 2 options: learn about it, or run away from it. Which ever path they choose, You can't force a close-minded person to be open-minded and I think that's what majority of these people are doing. Forcing the Church to change their beliefs. Stop judging each other! If it's not your boat, don't float in it. Try to find a church that DOES support your beliefs or, if you want, try to make one yourself! Insisting on suggesting churches to open up to gay marriage isn't the problem, it's bashing them when they reject you that is. I can't get mad at a Scientologist for not believing in Jesus. So, you can't get mad at a Christian for not believing in gay marriage. I know it's hard being rejected for who you are, but stooping to their level does only just that.

I know this post is a little messy, and I wish I had some facts and more insight to get the situation clearer. All I know is, if no one is getting hurt, it shouldn't be stressed. Nothing wrong with a little picket-sign battle, but if it's becoming violent and people's personal lifestyles are being violated, then it's going a bit TOO far. Play the game fair. If you don't want people to change your lifestyle, don't change theirs! And that goes for both religion and sexuality. I hope and pray it all gets resolved and we can all respect each other, despite our differences. What do you think?


  1. Yea it is messy, its all about who has the "right of way"

  2. When I get married it won't be in a church. I don't organize religion so I want NO part of it!

  3. I don't understand why a same sex couple would want to get married in a church... it makes no sense to me. Of course you can be legally married to one another, but I have not heard of any religion that condones homosexuality. So why force the issue? To stir shit?!

  4. Okay, no, just no. This scenario sounds like a pumped up pack of lies. All be it, there's probably some little truth, some little couple somewhere that tried doing this, that it's based in. But it's no where near as grave as they've put it. At the moment, the 'popularity' of the scenario is presumptuous, at best. Or can the original poster give some actual in life examples of same sex couples, and I mean a handful at least, behaving in this manner? Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe this is just another pile of shit the church is trying to feed the public in there irrational defense of h8t??


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