Pharquest: A Moving Story, An Inspirational Woman

This is Kechi Okwuchi, before you start throwing insults or make fun of how she looks, realize that this woman probably has more balls than you do. She survived a plane crash. One of the deadliest ways to perish from life on this planet, yet she survived it. That is a fighter. That is courage. That is strength.

Someone who lost their close friend who was sitting right next to her, moments before the plane impacted. To wake up and realize that everyone on that flight, that you went to school with DIED, and that you were the only survivor. To overcome that, to dry those tears, to look in the mirror and move on from such a traumatizing event and continue to be a positive individual... makes you a STRONG person.

I applaud her for sticking to her guns and look at each day with a smile. Because no matter what happens to you, if you still have your LIFE, it's never too late to start over and become a better person. She was given another chance, for what reasons? We will never know.

It isn't what the person wears, but what that person carries. Their story. That is what makes them beautiful.


  1. More power to her, and God bless her. Because I know I WOULDNT want to have survive what happened to her.


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