Pharquest: The missing S from Fit-C

Not sure if many of you know, my baby just got back in college and unfortunately: there's no internet at his dorm right now. He's going through some difficult adjustments and hardships with this new lifestyle... From what he's told me - his new dorm doesn't have a bathroom, his bed is uncomfortable, and having no internet only makes it worse. He has no roommate as of now (kind of what he wants) but to me, it's a bit of a con as well because he's dealing with this all by himself. I can only reach him by phone and it's hard not being able to be there for him because of distance and a low battery life or bad signal. So please, if you have a heart of faith: Lend a prayer for him - that things will get better so long as he's healthy and safe.

I've had a lot of my friends contact me saying they've just been downgraded to community college or dropped out because they couldn't afford a college education. Times are getting tough and it's affecting our future leaders. He's a smart, talented, open-minded individual and deserves a better environment for his future. This was just to inform his followers of the mishap and since he's not able to do so, I'm doing it for him. He's not in good spirits lately, I just hope and pray that positive energy will be able to enlighten him and keep him fighting for the life he wants... As we all should be doing. Don't give up.

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