Pharquest: I've never been good with first words...

-and that's even with my own blogs. I was going to just post a picture of a cute puppy or videos of baby chickens, but if I'm going to be a part of a blog that deals with self-expression, I have to be serious about exposing the "entities" that coil through my mind. BUT! Firstly, maybe I should start by telling you all who I am? No? aw..... TOO BAD!

Well, to put it short...My name is... up there in the title... ha! ...Okay, seriously: I'm 19 years old, from gay central, A-T-L-A-N-T-A. I won't tell you TOO MUCH about me here, simply because that would defeat the purpose of the BLOG. Wouldn't make sense to put it all in one post now would it?

S-Fit-C has been my main squizzeeze for a few months now, (almost 6 mo.) and as some of you know from his recent post: we met online. I, myself, after experiences with "online dating" was absolutely against it. I was going to remain single, silent, and solo-dolo. But as feelings grew stronger, a familiar tune reflected what became US... (Aaries "Strangers to Lovers")

(Sorry, if you listened to the song you probably get the gist of it already... Love that song, BTW!)
I met him through Tumblr... Gay blogs started following me and for some reason I kept bumping into his S-FIT-C blog whenever I found myself browsing through dashboards. I went on his blog a couple of times, no pictures of him to be found, so I bypassed it. AGAIN, I encountered his blog, so I said "FUCK IT" and followed him.

He seemed genuinely nice to his followers and I loved that. Despite the fact that he posted porn (a bit of a turn-off for me), I hit him up and immediately began flirting. I didn't take it seriously then, but what became a game, unintentionally got serious. We poured our traits through Skype and we found to have a lot in common. Poetry, politics, and a good sense of humor is how you win my heart. And BOY did he. We literally ended up talking for hours. Nights we didn't sleep until the sun came up. I've never had this experience with anyone in my life.

I fell in love, and subliminally I think he did too. But I'd call him my "net-boo" cause, AGAIN, I didn't take the internet seriously. But my feelings for him grew stronger that I forgot we met off a website. But anyway, I don't want to bore you more than I already have. I'm not the mushy type (or at least I wasn't) until he came into my life. THE FUCK?! I was a hard-ass, but he turned me into a marshmallow. Is this love? Or is a nigga trippin'?! Y'all be straight up, 'cause I'm not the kind to front.

Again, I apologize for putting you through the hell of 5 paragraphs. I know this isn't English class, but I hope you liked the song! I'm a music feen, so one thing to expect from me is a lot of "cymatics" and my critical critiques of whether they're "HIT" or "SHIT", you'll understand what I mean later...

So, to end this long post, a LONG question!: What do you think about young adults falling in love? How do you feel about it being "online"? Do you think it's ridiculous? Or a new outlet to meet a potential soul-mate? THUS ENDING WITH: DO YOU BELIEVE IN SOUL-MATES?! I'M CURIOUS! GET TO TYPING!


  1. Awwww look @ my babys 1st post =)

  2. You had to be the first to comment huh Donn? CUTE! I think it was a good idea to let him blog, he has a knack for it. As for your question I DO BELIEVE IN SOUL MATES! In my relationship, folks ALWAYS ask how did we know? I say we just did. I met him via BGC and knew instantly he was the ONE! That was almost 4 years ago and we are still going @ it. Sorry for the long comment. WELCOME TO BLOG-O-VERSE BTW!


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