God wnt put more on us than we can bare, but the devil DOES

the mistake that ppl make is thinking God controls EVERYTHING…no it is NOT true. God doesn’t conrol when that green turns RED, he does not control everyday events. Its a mixer: God’s Will, man caused events, and then the devil. See ppl FORGET the devil is WORKING just like the Lord is. There are certain obstacles(demons) that are put in our lives because of it. The devil knows us so called “Christians” he knows if he makes your life difficult you would be asking “WHY GOD!” and blame it on the Lord and THEN you HAVE let the devil win. DNT do THAT! Another is like I said MAN CAUSE EVENTS…when God created us, he gave us a mind of out OWN. WITH that mind of our OWN we make our OWN decisions…with the decisions we make, it WILL affect our future. God is here to GUIDE us, NOT live our lives. YES he IS there when we NEED him, but not everything going on in your life is control by him. 

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  1. Whenever I say this to ppl they say I am not them and I don't know how they are feeling.


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