WHAT exactly would "seeing into the future" mean for our PRESENT.

Yes I am myself apart of the fan club of  "Wishing I knew my future. " But really though, at the same time I realize that if we even could...should we even? It's simple knowledge that simply knowing out future would in itself alter it. And its so understandable. If we see our future and see that we ARE successful we are gonna get the mentality of "Okay I ain't gotta do shit, I'mma be successful in the future anyways..." Which would destroy our said successful future. But knowing could be a good thing as well though. Like if you saw into your future and saw that you WASN'T successful you would then (or I would hope so) try HARDER and change the things in your life NOW that you believe lead to you NOT being successful. Its could as well make not want to even try, thinking, "What's the point I'm gonna be NOTHING in the future anyways..." So my question to you...would you even WANT to know your future if you could?

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  1. I am split on this subject. I'd LOVE to know but @ the same time not.


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