If you died Today...

Would you be HAPPY with the life you lived?

My answer, NO! I am NOT where I want to be in my life. I'm continuing to grow as a person and there are things I haven't done that I want to do. I am still young, I'm TWENTY! To many accomplishments YET accomplished. Things out there I have YET to experience. And of course EVERYTHING about me weirdly goes Back to LOVE. I haven't yet to be  HELDKISSED, made love too. I just want to experience being OVERALL HAPPY before I die. Before I die, I WILL be happy. If not and I die before then, I will be known as the Ghost of Unhappiness...I will haunt those who are NOT miserable, hahahaha.

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  1. My answer would be yes. Did I accomplish what I want in this life? No! But the things I achieved spirituality, mentally and emotionally are all I need.


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