STRESS University

I'm sure you all have heard of or experienced the stress of college. It isn't said that college ain't easy to scare anyone, it's because it the TRUTH. I feel like this a WASTE of my time because I do NOT belong here[at a regular ass A&M college]. I belong at an performing arts college, but it's the MONEY holding me back. These bullshit classes I having to waste my time attending "learning" trivial, unnecessarily shit that I won't be using ANYTIME in my life...before I can even begin to have classes in my damn major[oh yes the prerequisites and my major is Mass Comm(and THAT's another issue)].  Oh and let's forget the fact that this school year I was SUPPOSE to an sophomore, but after transferring from an community college [when I was still in my home town] most of my damn hours DID NOT transfer over to this other college. Even though BOTH of these schools are under THE SAME FUCKING UMBRELLA! So I did not have enough hours to be classified as an sophomore    This fucking Math class all this algebraic crap, I have now failed this class twice. Now I NOW everyone has their OWN intelligence...one could major in one and not in other. My intelligence is my creativity, my theology, my wisdom[at an young age] and my philosophy. But yet  still I find myself [and I cannot help it] feeling DUMB in a math class. And then these fucking teachers have this obsession with not allowing the students to use calculators.  And this Freshman Seminar thing...an class that is supposedly is required by this university only, I think. This class is suppose to tell the things you suppose to know as a freshman and "prepare" for college and help you "transition" from high school. Which is bullshit because I am not learning a damn thing worth it in that class. And since this school is over[it's just finals week] I have officially been in college for TWO years. So you understand how PISSED I am to be sitting in a Freshman "Seminar" class. I would have BEEN took the class, but it was so much confusing cause people were telling it wasn't required, then I learn the opposite. UGH!! I just don't know...I AM NOT sure of my future this moment in my life[:(]. But what I'm thinking is I'mma give the college thing ONE more try if I do not succeed next year, I'm quitting school and just WORK and get this money...until I figure out my next move.  


  1. Was just saying yesterday how I felt that college is crap, but...

  2. Yea its CRAP, the WHOLE "education" system is CRAP


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