In The Name of Anger

This poem is not for the heartful
But the heartless
For the ones been dishonored
You just wanna lay their body to rest
Well in this moment
I feel everything you feel
And more
Ahhh YES all the blood and gore
The ways I would murder if only
I wasn’t a good hearted person
This anger isn’t enough to do…that
But it is enough for it to be a curse
Upon me
Does it seem
The world is out for me
Will things come about
That makes me happy
As much as things
Left me up
Get me OFF
This earth
This is
Too much

First OFF, I am NOT a killer, haha. This poem is clearly a way of releasing anger after being pissed OFF by my manager at work. Anyone who is really close to me know I have an anger issue. When my family saids I does I deny, but it's only in jokes. In actually I know I have a problem with my anger. And I know the reasons. Not only that it's 'cause I have the same attitude of my father [and YES things like THAT are in genetics] but it's obviously the things I'm going through as well. Just like I said it the poem...maybe if there was shit going RIGHT in my life as much as there is shit going WRONG...then maybe my anger wouldn't even be an issue. If there were things keeping me HAPPY instead of always either pissing me OFF or depressing me, I wouldn't have a problem. Yes I had good times this year, but ultimately this year has been shitty to me. So I have long figured out that my WHOLE 2011 is going to be shitty.  

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