The CRUSH of the Valentine

So remember that guy from high school I told you about here. Well, he finally knows how I feel/felt (WILL explain THAT later) about him...I think. It was fourteenth day of February...Yes you read that right. So I was clearly inspired by all this Valentines day jumbo. On this day I create a "secret admirer" facebook if will, meaning I created it w/ NO info other the needed to create an facebook account[and ALL this done on my PHONE because my laptop was Out of commission] What I did is basically sent him a message from that account...and told my feelings. Has he even READ it?! I don't know, but if he did, then knows...even if he don't know it's me. But there's a PROBLEM! Of course there was info I did not enter, the info I did was gender.  I TRIED to find a way to put THAT on private, you cannot put that on private on facebook. So when I sent him the message I deactivated the account[knowing that he could still see my message] All of this because I didn't want to creep him by letting him KNOW I was a dude[obviously] and I didn't want to lie and make my gender female. ANOTHER problem, because of the fact that I had NO picture[which I realized I shoulda had, a picture of a damn dog or something] the "no picture" anon thingy appears{as seen up top of this post} and THAT things varies based on your gender...if you are a dude THAT shows up. And being that I DID put MALE on gender THAT appeared [:( ] So does he KNOW I'm a dude...probably so. Later on I reactivated the account   JUST to change it to female[ :)] Oh and also in that same month I had the courage the finally add him on my actual facebook.


Thoughts? anyone?...